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6 urban artists across hip-hop subgenres collide thanks to MAS Records, Britain's top training ground for new artists.
This bold concept track, written on-sight in a collaborative songwriting session, tells the tale of these artists pandemic frustrations and their hopes for the ever-delayed unlockdown, concocting the perfect mix for this midsummer’s anthem!


Man I gotta get a bottle of liquor and soul food
Issa whole mood
Finally the people all free
Gonna get the party started
Bacardi and a shawty
'Bout to get a round on me
'Cause I'm ready to flex again
I'm with my friends
They smoking with a drink in hand and making bands
Believe me when I'm with my kin and dividends
It's 'bout to be the brazy band with crazy fam
Watch ya'll gon do?
It's been long so I'm gon' come through
It's me, my squad and my partner too
They got some trees now the world so free
And we won't come down til the night turn blue
I got my drip, in the shorts and vest
The fine gyaldem in their best sundress
We all thank God that the bad days gone
Now we say what's good to the vibes not stress

Lockdown for too too long
Aint touched ground in too too long
Won’t touch pad til morning come cah
The end of the night and I’m wanting some
Man say smoke but I say bun
Man take tokes in the shade
I stay in the sun
Gyal too pasty like winter skin
And that shit never can run
Gyal say they wanting fun
Well bang this tune
Cah tunes gonna take me right to the moon
And home again
Lost my phone again
What do I buy with my last ten
A beer or ben
And I’m blessed don’t pay no rent
The last of my loan is spent!

It's a holiday!
Come on let us celebrate
I'm in a happy place
No more screens it's face to face
Man it's about time
It's been a rough ride
Let's go outside
In the east, the west, the North, the south side
Take a little time to appreciate the sunshine
Appreciating life cuz I didn't have to make it
But Emmanuel been by my side
Giving thanks cuz I'm safe yh
Squad link up!
Make sure to bring some games
Positive is the name
Pushing forward in this...
Yh We gonna be great!

June 21st
I don’t wanna go back to them other days
Late night trips man
I’m going through that phase
Tryna go out
(I don’t wanna stay in)
Bro come say less
(Not a single thing)
Pass me ya glass like what are you drinking?
Thinking about them times I was locked up
Link up and drink up with me
Legal now wanna talk about ID?
Drowning in liquor
Made a bad decision like bun it
Might throw up bro draw for the bucket
I’m waved
I’m waved
I saved myself from another party
Pull up to yours like bro let’s go
First in line I’m in the front row
Squad link up man you already know

Winnings and losses
We just tryna be bosses
Pick up the phone make profits
Life we chop it
Garms we cop it
With my darg like Wallace and gromit
Straight no chaser babe don’t vomit
No biggie like Christopher Wallace
Hot boy summer I ain’t cuffing stop it
Look, had to graft and Jugg Issa lot
Summertime fine but the block is hot
Obbo around gotta leave the spot
Stack or starve gotta get this gwop
It’s all for the lizzy
Was held up and it got sticky
My people are with me
Pour a cup yh I’m tryna get tipsy

I remember last 420
Didn't see green except on a screen
Roaming the streets it was so empty
Not a good time to be in your 20s
12-week lockdown, my arse
Stop playing the clown
Wanna see some tears
Lotta stuff gone down
Nearly lost a hundred thou
Now I've come up to London
Come from Eastleigh, can't say nothing
Good girls want me, sweet ones need me
What's my name: MC Beastly
All the hard times rolled up
4/20/2020 now that's done
So we're popping out
6 (20, 20, 20) 21
(20, 20, 20, 20) 21


released June 21, 2021
Songwriting & Production: All Artists


all rights reserved



Cerulean Sounds Eastleigh, UK

Cerulean | MC Beastly #DividedSelfie 💽

b. 1995 Eastleigh 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
#SmalltownDreamer 💽

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